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Antriebskette 525 Z1R JT 106 Glieder P/N 456706


For high powered sport bikes.


  • Ultra-reinforced chain with low friction X-Ring
  • Connecting links included 


JT Chain Drive products


HDR: Standard reinforced chain for 50cc and Trail/Cross smaller engine

HDS: Highly reinforced for MX, exceptionnal wear resistance

X1R: For MX, Enduro and trail application, low friction X-Ring chain

Z1R: For high powered sport bikes, ultra-reinforced chain with low friction X-Ring


Kettenabstand 525
Anzahl Kettenglieder 106
Ketten typ JT Z1R
Kettenfarbe Schwarz/Schwarz
Kettenschloss Typ Clip
Ketten-Qualität super verstärkt
Dichtung typ X-Ring
Saisonale Angebote Destocking Autumn 2019