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BIHR Teilereiniger biologisch PCS200 80 Liter P/N 891447


Biological parts washer for a quality and safe wash. The triple filtration system (one stainless steel filter, one nylon pre-filter and one biological filter with microorganisms), combined with the biological fluid, produces a micro-organic medium in the tank that eliminates oil, grease and other hydrocarbons. The fluid stays clean and efficient without having to empty the tank.


Technical characteristics:


  • Power supply: 230 V / 50 Hz.
  • Timed pump (600 W resistor).
  • Working depth: 950 mm.
  • Dimensions of the tank L x w: 760 x 560 mm.
  • Min. capacity: 40 L.
  • Max. capacity: 80 L.
  • Working temperature: 41°C.
  • Flow rate: 4L / minute.
  • Max. load in the tank: 100 Kg.
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 890 x 750 x 1155 1155 mm.
  • Empty weight: 45 Kg.




  • 1 biological washer.
  • 80 L of biological liquid.
  • 1 biological filter (with micro-organisms)
  • 1 nylon pre-filter


Caution: for optimal operation that applies the principle of biodegradation, the fluid must be heated to 41°C at all times.


How it works:


The fluid takes off grease and allows for thorough cleaning, thanks to the optimal fluid temperature.

The solid dirt is collected by a first steel filter, the second, nylon catches the finer dirt.

Hydrocarbons, grease, etc. are eliminated by enzymes contained in the filter. The micro-organisms degrade up to 1kg of hydrocarbons per day and maintain the fluid clean, like new.



Maintain 100% efficiency:


The liquid must remain at a working temperature of 41°C, which is the ideal to keep the micro-organisms active. Thanks to the thermostat, the fluid is only heated 16% of the time. An Eco mode is available, during the times you are not using the fountain.  

When the « Low fluid » light turns on, add another 20L fluid can, every 2 months on average.

Change the enzyme filter every 2 months.



Product's + :


No draining : it is not neccessary to drain the fluid as it is self-cleaning. Saving time and money.

No toxic fumes, no special vents, hood or lid.

Programmable Eco save mode: at 30°C, enzymes are preserved and energy consumption is down 50%. Useful for nights and weekends!

2'243.75 fr. inkl. MwSt