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Bolt Pro Pack for Kawasaki KX/KX-F 125 to 450 P/N 893362


Made in the USA, BOLT bolts and screws set the worldwide standard for this type of product. These kits of bolts and screws reproduce the characteristics of the original equipment, with a perfect quality of build and finish.

  • Pro-Pack kits contain all the screws, washers and spacers required for your motorbike
  • Depending on the application, one kit contains:
    • fork stem base / saddle shouldered screws
    • Front mudguard screws and washers
    • Shouldered screws for front and side number plates / radiator shrouds
    • Screws, shouldered washers and shouldered nuts for rear mudguards
    • Rear wheel tensioner screws
    • Sprocket bolts
    • Disk screws
    • Gripster screws and washers
    • Concave screws and washers for swing arm pads
    • Radiator screws
    • Aluminium or copper washers for engines and brake hoses
    • Engine tab screws
    • R-pins for rear brake pedal shaft
    • Rear wheel nut