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Mechanikerhandschuh MECHANIX ORIGINAL rot XL P/N 891437XL


  • Clarino OW927 palms, breathable and hard-wearing synthetic leather
  • Spandex backs, an elastic and comfortable technical fabric
  • Breathable fabric between the fingers to avoid irritationsgts
  • Elastic wrist that can be adjusted using the scratch and TPR (thermoplastic rubber) fastener
  • gtsFingertip reinforcers to reduce wear and increase protection
  • Concealed internal stitching for greater comfort and to avoid direct contact with the skin


Homologation nicht homologiert
Farbe Rot
Grösse Handschuhe (US) 11
Grösse XL

29.00 fr. inkl. MwSt


Grösse Handschuhe (US)