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A.R.T. Tyre SLOGGER 25X10-12 50J 6PR TL P/N ART4201


6 plis tire, very resistant and tacky on soft ground.

  • Tread design prevents build up of mud, sand, rocks & dirt, from soft to hard pack terrain
  • Light weight construction for effortless and rapid acceleration
  • Shoulder lugs provide extra traction while cornering and protect the sidewall in rugged terrain
  • 2 dimensions available


Tire category ATV Utility / All terrain
Aspect ratio (height) 25
Tire width 10
Rim diameter (inch) 12
Tire load index 50
Speed index J < 100 km/h
Tubeless or Tubetype TL - Tubeless
Tire family ATV/SSV/ 3 wheelers Tires
Tire pattern SLOGGER
Tire Structure X-Ply
Homologation E-Mark

128.16 fr. Incl. VAT