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Back | Home Rider gear Chest protector LEATT 4.5 Chest Protector White Size S/XL (54-95 kg)

LEATT 4.5 Chest Protector White Size S/XL (54-95 kg) P/N 433419XL


The Protector 4.5 chest protector takes rider protection to a new level. It focuses on 2 sensitive and highly exposed areas: the back and sides of the pelvis. The main innovation is the chest protector’s support system, which works like a harness. It ensures maximum support of the wearer’s body.


  • Integrated back protection: a shell runs from the shoulders to the base of the pelvis
  • Integrated pelvis protection: a shell covers the entire pelvis
  • Removable upper section
  • Patented Leatt Hardshell technology
  • Shell features multiple vents to guarantee permanent air flow
  • Multiple adjustment options

CE certifications:

  • Chest protection standard EN 1621-3, Level 2
  • Back protection standard EN 1621-2, Level 2

Size guide:

  • Adult: 54 to 95 kg
  • Adult XXL: 90 to 130 kg


Color White
Size One size Adult

180.00 fr. Incl. VAT