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PDL Profi Dry Lube 400ml Spray P/N 552062


A dryer and cleaner lube for chains


PDL® is the unique, dry chain lubrication, especially designed to maintain modern seal ring chains (O-, X-, Quad-, W-, Z-ring chains).

PDL is not sticky and it does not bind any dirt. Chain, rim and rear wheel always stay clean.


During application the active ingredients of Profi Dry Lube move directly underneath the rollers of the chain. Exactly these spots have to be lubricated permanently on seal ring chains. Each application requires only a few grams of Profi Dry Lube.


Double the life of your chain kit!


  • Optimal lubrication
  • Especially for seal ring chains
  • Without grease
  • Improved metal creep
  • Clean chains and rims


Capacity/liters (ml/l) 400ml