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MAXXIS Tyre ALL TRACKS C9209 22X11-10 2PR 35J E TL P/N 573161340


  • Maxxis All Teak: the foundation of all-terrain quad tyres
  • Double blocks on the tread for maximum longevity
  • Very good traction
  • Versatile tyre for sports use
  • Can be used on many terrains in all conditions
  • Tubeless tyre – Number of plys: 2   - Speed rating: 100km/ h- Max. load: 122kg
  •  Recommended pressures:

    • Tyre with road tread pattern: pressure between 0,4 and 0,9 bar
    • Tyre with sport tread pattern (flat): pressure between 0,4 and 0,7 bar
    • Leisure, track tyre tread pattern (rounded): pressure between 0,2 and 0,4 bar
    • Utility tyre tread pattern: pressure between 0,2 and 0,5 bar


    Speed index J < 100 km/h
    Aspect ratio (height) 22
    Tire width 11
    Rim diameter (inch) 10
    Tire load index 35
    Tire category ATV Utility / All terrain
    Tire family ATV/SSV/ 3 wheelers Tires
    Tubeless or Tubetype TL - Tubeless
    Tire pattern ALL TRACKS
    Tire Structure X-Ply
    Homologation E-Mark
    Position Rear

    106,60 € Incl. VAT